Unheated rock surfaces

The last light exposure of rock surfaces can be dated for establishing the age of e.g. the construction and destruction of walls

Unheated rock surfaces

IRSL dating of the light exposure due to turning over of rocks which created the Nasca lines (Greilich & Wagner, 2006)
  • Granite or other quartz/feldspar containing rocks are preferentially dated with spatially resolved luminescence

  • Marble, limestone surfaces are dated with Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) as well as Thermoluminescence (TL)

  • Spatially resolved luminescence is especially useful in this application with e.g. EMCCD-camera in lexsyg detector changer

Greilich S & Wagner GA (2006) Development of a spatially resolved dating technique using HR-OSL. Radiation Measurements 41, 738-743.