Online dosimetry, in vivo dosimetry


Radioluminescence (time 0–100s), phosphorescence (100–500s), and the two-step CW-OSL (500–1200s) for 0.5 Gy irradiation (from Andersen et al., 2010)

Luminescence emitted during exposure to ionizing radiation can be employed for online dosimetry, e.g. in brachytherapy.

  • Al2O3:C or BeO attached to optical fibres for online dosimetry can serve simultaneously as passive dosimeter

Andersen CE, Edmund JM & Damkjær SMS (2010) Precision of RL/OSL medical dosimetry with fiber-coupled Al2O3:C: Influence of readout delay and temperature variations. Radiation Measurements 45, 653-657.