Medical dosimetry

Radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine

Medical dosimetry

Ionizing radiation from a large variety of isotopic sources, as well as accelerators, electron beams, etc. are increasingly used in radiotherapy. Clinical diagnostics employing ionizing radiation (mainly X-ray) is expanding. Such uses require monitoring of exposures as well as determination of the delivered doses which can be achieved by luminescence dosimetry.

  • Thermoluminescence (TL) dosimetry

  • Photostimulated Luminescence (PSL or POSL) or Optically Simulated Luminescence (OSL)

  • AlO, BeO, LiF, CaF, CaSO, …

  • Life/real-time monitoring by radiofluorescence (e.g. Al2O3:C, BeO)

  • Simultaneous life and accumulated dose measurement (OSL)

  • Spatial measurement of dose distribution with OSL

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