Filter wheel

including suitable filters

Filter wheel

Filter wheel including suitable filters, which are optimized for maximized luminescence light collection and maximum suppression of scattered light (OSL, PL) and thermal noise (TL), recommended as minimum configuration to perform optimized TL/OSL/RF analyses in dating and other applications.

  • Optics designed for high-efficiency light collection for PMT luminescence measurements

  • Programmable change of detection window (duration of filter change between 300 ms and maximum 3s) during measurement

  • Filter choice is software restricted according the chosen stimulationwavelength, thus malfunction (over exposure) is prevented

  • Malfunctions are software protected, including PMT damage protection during measurement

  • Optimized filter-sets for all main quartz or feldspar mineral luminescence emissions and for other materials/applications are available

  • Filter sets (interference, color-glass optical filters) optimized for largest transmission of individual wavelength bands and best blocking of stimulation light (OSL) and/or thermal noise (TL, blackbody radiation)

  • A filter wheel has 6 position and each position up to 6.5 mm of stacked filter thickness.

  • 15 measurement functions are included (more information are available on request)