Portable Spectrofluorimeter
for non-invasive analysis of cultural heritage artworks using LED sources

Ancient paintings (murals, manusripts, polychromy, engravings, easel paintings) | Dyestuff | Binders

Features of LEDµSF

  • Portable and lightweight spectrofluorimeter

  • Contactless, non-invasive and non-destructive measurements

  • Modular design: exchangeable LEDs from 255 ... 623 nm according to the materials analyzed

  • Irradiation spot: ca. 1 mm

  • Adjustable power of LED

  • Remote triggering with the possibility to set integration time (adjustable from 3 μs … 600 s)

  • Database of reference spectra of pigments and binders

  • White LED for reflectance spectra

  • Camera and two red lasers for easy positioning and adjustment of the working distance (ca. 4 cm)

  • Recordable spectra from 190 ... 1100 nm with a resolution of 1.5 nm

  • Possibility to record background and white reference for the correction of reflectance measurements

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