Taking luminescence to a new level

advanced and user-friendly operating software

LexStudio 2.0 - User friendly operating software

Modern, professionally designed user interface

Based on user feedback a new graphical user interface which combines clear arrangement and usability is developed by Freiberg Instruments.

Game-changing data format

The newly developed data format connects the benefits of XML with the requirements of luminescence application and science, providing transparency, readability and flexibility.

New sequence editor

The new sequence editor provides almost unlimited variability creating entire individual as well as standard measurement sequences.

User account management system

Several user access levels assure the lexsyg device is only operated by qualified personnel.

Automated sample recognition in the sample wheel

A sensor-based sample recognition system provides the status of each position of the sample wheel at any time.

Filter management system

The LexStudio 2.0 software contains a filter management system providing convenient implementation and testing of new detection filter combinations.

Loading the sample wheel

The new sensor-based monitoring of the sample charging allows the loading of the sample wheel with new aliquots as well as allocating new measurement sequences while the lexsyg device is taking measurements.

Reduced measurement time by time-optimized device operations

Simultaneous execution of independent sequence steps (e.g. filterwheel movement, sample transport, changing of measurement position, etc.) reduces the required time for each measurement sequence.

SAR Plug-In

SAR Plug-In (SARPI) is a new software feature added to LexStudio 2.0 for quick and convenient SAR sequence creation. No more copy and paste. It can be easily expanded to other protocols and it is compatible with all lexsyg devices. 

User action

  • Select 4 individual parameters

    • Estimated and test dose

    • Stimulation wavelength and filter combination

  • All other parameters are user defined presets

Automated software functionality

  • Sequence creation based on SAR protocol

  • Recuperation test

  • Recycling test

  • Hot bleach

  • Individual adjustment by sequence editor is possible as well