lexsygresearch TL/OSL reader

the most advanced TL/OSL reader


Luminescence dating | Material research | Authenticity testing
Accident dosimetry | Radiation protection | Food irradiation
Solid state dosimetry | Bioluminescence and more

Features of lexsyg research

Modular design
Interchangeable OSL stimulation units (up to 3 wavelengths per OSL), accommodates up to 4 detection units and up to 3 irradiation sources
No crosstalk
Independent operation of measurement chamber and sample reservoir ensures absence of both stimulation and radiation crosstalk
Nonstop operation
Ability to load and unload samples while another sample is undergoing analysis/treatment inside the measurement chamber
Software controlled switch of detection filters within a measurement sequence
Highly homogeneous and stabilized optical stimulation provides identical measurement conditions
IP based system allows remote operation and technical support from anywhere in the world
Easy upgrade
Modular design allows future expansion of device capabilities by easily adding components