for checking irradiated food according to EN 13751:2009 standard

PSLfood - Photo Stimulated Luminescence reader

PSLfood is a newly developed PSL (OSL) reader for checking irradiated food according to EN 13751:2009 standard (Detection of irradiated food using photo stimulated luminescence). Compact design and newly developed software combines easy operation and excellent performance.


  • Compact and portable

  • The PSLfood drawer is designed for a common petri dish with dimensions of 50 mm in diameter & 20 mm height.

  • The drawer tray and the protection glass can be easily removed for cleaning

Technical specifications

StimulationIR stimulation with adjustable stimulation power (10 mW/cm² max)
Detection unit Photosensor (300-650nm), temperature stabilized, glass protected against sample spill
Measurement range 7 decades
Detection filter    Wide band (standard), IR blocked (BG39), easy to clean
SoftwarePSLstudio - User-friendly, designed for routine quality control, different user levels
Data outputLAN to PC, IP device with worldwide accessibility for remote operation and support
Power supply voltage 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensionsapprox. 230 mm x 225 mm x 440 mm (L x B x H)
Weight6.5 kg

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