Thermal stimulation

Thermal stimulation up to 710 °C, allowing user-defined heating and cooling cycles for TL, preheating and elevated temperature OSL

Thermal stimulation

Ceramic heating element allows highly reliable and more consistent measurements. The heating element is cooled by continuous flow of nitrogen or compressed air.

Thermoluminescence (TL), preheat (PH) including elevated temperature luminescence measurements (OSL, RL, etc.) as well as elevated temperature irradiation (at ionizing irradiation and “solar-light” position)  are possible during any part of a heating/cooling  cycle,  which is almost freely programmable including non-linear heating/cooling functions.

  • Heating rate: 0.1 - 20.0 C/s (@Tmax= up to 710 °C)

  • Highly flexible step-wise programming of heating / cooling cycles within system parameters (i.e. temperature and heating/cooling rates)

  • Software options for further temperature control (e.g. non-linear functions)