a modern TLD reader by Freiberg Instruments

TLDcube is a small, lightweight and portable TLD Reader for measuring, analyzing and evaluating of thermoluminescent materials.

The ceramic heater with defined nitrogen cooling in the rotating drawer accepts all standard TLD shapes.


  • Single element

  • Measurement chamber (TL)

  • End point temperature up to 600°C

  • Photosensor (300 - 650 nm)

  • Exchangeable detection filter


  • Radiation protection

  • Environmental research

  • Medical dosimetry

  • Personnel dosimetry

  • Thermoluminescence dating

  • Experimental physics

  • Checking irradiated food

TLStudio - Operating & Evaluation Software

New graphical user interface with user friendly features and sequence editing options.

  • user account management system

  • transperent workflow

  • professionally designed user interface

  • intelligent parameter selection

  • live data visualization

  • easy programming of individual and standard measurement sequences

  • data acquisition, storage and export (xml format)

  • data acquisition of actual temperature etc.,

  • automated background subtraction (optional)

  • storage of calibration values for individual dosimeters and automated processing of results

Technical specifications

HeaterState-of-the-art ceramic contact heater with thermocouple
Measurment chamberSealed chamber with nitrogen circulation pump and cooling function
Base plateStainless steel, exchangeable
Base plate (type)Chip 3.2 mm x 3.2 mm, Rod 1 mm x 6 mm, Disc Ø 4.5 mm, Multi-Purpose Ø 10 mm
Powder dishInner Ø 8 mm, outer Ø 10 mm
CapacitySingle element (one sample per load)
Linear heating rampsAdjustable up to 20 K/s
Heating programMulti-step program, adjustable temperatures ±1 K
End point temperatureup to 600°C
Readout timeFreely adjustable
Accuracy±1 % S.D. (for multiple readout)
StabilityBetter than ±1% during 8 h operation
Test lightStability < 0.5%, colour blue
DetectorThermoelectric temperature stabilization
Measurement range7 decades
Signal processing24 bit, full digital evaluation system
Neutral density filtersExchangeable
Shielding and cooling gasNitrogen, approx. 300 ml per measurement
SoftwareTLStudio - windows based software with full calibration and export functions
Data outputLAN to PC
Power supply100/240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption200 VA
Dimensions (W x D x H) 15 x 17 x 29 cm
Weightca. 5 kg
Transport case 48 x 25 x 25 cm, 11 kg (incl. TLD Cube reader)

All information are subject to technical changes without notice.